Six Bargain Commuters for 2019

Six Bargain Commuters for 2019 1

Get the most out of your money with one of these motorcycles

Every motorcycle can become a commuter if you are determined enough, but that will ruin the whole idea of everyday commuting – an easy to ride and economical bike. When I say economic I am not necessarily referring to fuel consumption. Im also referring to the acquisition price that plays a crucial role.

The decisive criteria behind this top is the amount of extra features you get when buying the bike, the reliability, the manoeuvrability, the fuel consumption and the ability to handle highway riding. Based on these I put together five bargain new motorcycles under $9000.

BMW G310GS – $4,750

This small BMW adventure bike is fun to ride and it suits the job perfectly. With a price tag of only $4,750, the G310R is more than a fair package that features ABS and an impressive fuel economy. The 313 cc engine delivers enough power to cover highways and, it feels lightweight and maneuvrable enough to tackle the traffic. The riding position is another big advantage that will allow you to ride all day long. For some extra money, you can go for the Adventure version – the G310GS costs $5,795 and come with better comfort, a bigger front wheel and increased weather protection. 

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Honda CB500F – $6,199

You meet the nicest people on a Honda, it is said. Honda is famous for its friendly and reliable motorcycles and the CB500 series is one of the best when in comes to cost effectiveness vs. style and performance. It's new for 2019 and comes with a different look, a new dash and some other improvements compared to the previous version. It's can be ridden with the A2 license in Europe and it doesn't feel like a small bike – when sitting on it, you feel like riding a full-size motorcycle. Want to go touring? Pick the CB500X version – it will be one of our favourites for 2019.  We just unboxed the new Honda CB500F. You can watch the video below. The test-ride is coming soon. 

Honda NC750X – $8,000

It might seem a bit more expensive but, the Honda NC750X is a bike that can easily stand as the definition for everyday commuting. On the options list, you can add a DCT gearbox that makes it automatic while the ABS, traction control and LED lights that come as standard. The price is a bit higher for this one but, the NC twin cylinder engine proved to be a reliable power plant that can run on vapes. The starting price is around $8,000 and, you will also get a storage room that can handle a helmet in the common gas tank area.


Kawasaki Z650 – $7,399

The engineers at Kawasaki managed to get the most out of the old ER6N. The refinements made to the frame and engine made the new Z650 a versatile and reliable machine that can handle a lot.  The riding position became a bit sportier and, the looks are now closer to the famous Z family. The starting price for this twin-cylinder machine is $7,399 and, you also get the mandatory ABS system.

01 kawasaki z650 2019 perfil verde

Yamaha XMAX 300 – $5,599. 

The XMAX is gaining more and more fans in the commuter world. It packs a 292 cc engine that feels enough even for highways. The electronics list includes ABS and traction control adding up to the safety. Besides the large storage rooms, the gas tank can handle 13 L of gas that you can easily transform into 400 kilometres on the road. The price tag for the XMAX is $5,599.

Yamaha XMAX 300 Grey

KTM 390 Duke – $4,999

The Duke family is renown for its aggressive looking naked bikes that are meant to rule the streets. The 390 Duke keeps the stakes high by filling in perfect as an everyday bike. The key aspects of this bike are the electronic aids that make it a perfect choice in regards of safety. Besides the mandatory ABS system, you get riding modes, traction control and LED lights that make it a bike to have. The starting price for a Duke is $4,999.

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