Small-Displacement Sport Bikes Get X-Race Titanium Brake Pads

Small-displacement sport bikes get X-Race Titanium brake pads 1

DP Brakes reveals a new line of X-Race Titanium brake pads for small-displacement sport bikes such as Ninja 250-400, KTM RC390, Honda CBR300 and Yamaha R3

DP Brakes announces a new line of high-performance brake pads for small-displacement sport bikes. The X-Race Titanium are designed to work with the most sought-after small-to-medium displacement road machines, and offer riders premium braking quality to help them hone in their skills on both open roads and closed circuits.

The new pads are engineered using both materials and know-how used in manufacturing spares for the top-notch speed demons with displacements between 600 and 1000cc, and are now within the grasp of pretty much any rider, including young/fresh ones.

The RDP X-Race Titanium pads are made of sintered metal compounds and even meet the strict demands of Superbike racing standards. They offer a firm, progressive feel and will yield no dust. They also make significantly less noise than traditional ones. Thanks to the racing heritage, the increased temperature will not lead to brake fade, while at the same time provide riders with an almost instantaneous initial response.

Another great quality of the RDP X-Race Titanium pads is that they are non-abusive on the rotors, even under hard braking conditions. DP Brakes worked on a new molecular structure of their carbon additive that creates a smooth transfer film between pad and brake disc.

Another titanium compound increases the friction level during braking, while a high-tech ceramic heat shield significantly reduces the amount of heat transferred to the piston and brake fluid, diminishing brake fade caused by the fluid getting near the boiling point.

DP Brakes’ new line of X-Race Titanium are available now for the following models, with more to be added to the list, most likely:

RDP412 – 2008-18 Kawasaki Ninja 250/300/400

RDP519 – 2014-18 KTM RC390

RDP535 – 2013-18 Honda CBR300

RDP552 – 2015-18 Yamaha R3.

2018 Kawasaki Ninja 400_02.png

It’s no secret that small-displacement motorcycles are often overlooked by the manufacturers of high-tech equipment. For a strange reason, the owners of such machines have always been left on the outside, at least until the advent of new bikes, such as the new generations of small Kawasaki Ninja, the recent Yamaha R3 and the like of those.

Funny thing, the small-displacement market boomed several years ago, having the world economic recession as a background motivating buyers to spend less on motorcycles, choosing more economical engines and lower annual expenses. Now, these bikes are here to stay, and OEM manufacturers are turning their eyes on the profit they can deliver. And a good thing, too!

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