Speed Challenge: Guy Martin on His Tyco BMW Superbike vs David Coulthard in a Formula 1 Car

Speed Challenge: Guy Martin on his Tyco BMW Superbike vs David Coulthard in a Formula 1 car 1

Guy Martin is a rider who likes to take speed challenges and push the boundaries of any machine, with two or four wheels. So, this challenge was against a Formula 1 car. He raced on the Silverstone track against a former Formula 1 driver, David Coulthard, and his Red Bull RB8 Formula 1 (F1) car.

Guy Martin is known for his motorcycle road racing career either if it’s on the streets of Isle Of Man Tourist Trophy, North West 200 or any other road race. He’s also a TV star with his Speed with Guy Martin show on Channel4. This time around it was a shootout, bike vs car, a Formula 1 machine that is, which is known to be one of the most technologically advanced cars there is. This race is some years old, but this time we have the chance to see the full footage on Guy Martin’s official YouTube channel. Over 30 minutes of racing, onboard footage and more.

So, Guy Martin was racing on his Tyco BMW S1000RR Superbike and David Coulthard in a Red Bull RB8 Formula 1 car. There was a catch in the bike vs car race as Guy had to complete only three laps while David a total of four laps in his Red Bull Formula 1 car. The superbike does have a fast acceleration starting off the line but the F1 car has more top-end power, is better on the brakes, and makes an awesome and deafening sound when David Coulthard revs the engine to the limit.

In the bike vs car video, Guy Martin has some thoughts regarding the power and speed of the Formula 1 car and David Coulthard tells a couple of details as he thought at some point that he’ll not be able to catch Guy Martin and his Tyco BMW S1000RR Superbike. Also, the former Formula 1 racer says that the challenges of racing on the Silverstone track are pretty harsh on the hands.

Even though racing a superbike or a Formula 1 car is a tough business, we have to say that it’s fun and pleasant to watch these two racers go head-to-head.

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