Speed Is My Need Moto Doc on Netflix

The life of a racer through the eyes of sports psychologists and surgical experts

We have the chance to see how racers are helped with their problems throughout their careers in a moto documentary that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Speed is My Need has been added on Netflix.

Speed is My Need brings us closer into what it takes to be a motorcycle racer and risk everything weekend after weekend. The documentary uncovers how European sports psychologists and surgical experts help racers to strengthen their minds and pass injures to race at the edge every weekend.
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The moto documentary has analysis from the likes of Shane Byrne, Colin Edwards, Leon Haslam, and Ron Haslam. Also featured in the moto doc are Peter Hickman and Freddie Spencer.

Speed is My Need uncovers what it takes to race in the British Superbike Championship which is considered to be the toughest national superbike competition and Isle of Man TT, one of the most dangerous races on the planet.

Now, we can enjoy all the action as Speed is My Need has been added on Netflix. An looking at the trailer, it seems that this one is a must-watch!

speed is my need
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