Suzuki’s New “DR Big” Is Real. but Is It the Real Deal? First Spy Photos

The new Suzuki adventure bike was spotted in Italy.

Suzuki is developing a new big adventure bike. But how “DR” will it be? At first, we were dreaming about a lightweight, 21-inches front, ready for Adventure bike, a direct rival to Honda’s Africa Twin. But these photos tell another story. 

Judging by what we see in the photos below, we’re talking about 19-inches front cast wheel bikes, with a big touring screen and a generous fuel tank. So it could actually be a more touring-focused V-Strom 1000, instead of a more adventurous one. 


Photo Source

Or maybe, just as the Katana case, Suzuki is reviving an old model. We could easily spot a square headlight, although this one features an LED unit, and a large front beak. Of course, it’s too early to say how the new Suzuki big adventure will look like, or if it will have the DR Big name. But one thing is clear: something new is coming – and we might see it as a concept this autumn. 


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