Suzuki v-Strom 1050 Receives an Akrapovic Exhaust

More power and torque for the big adventure bike

Akrapovic released a titanium slip-on exhaust system for the Suzuki V-Strom 1050 adventure bike. It features more power and torque. Also, the exhaust reduces the bike’s weight.

Its a mixture of performance and lightweight. So, the power and torque delivery increased by 1.4 hp and 1.2 Nm @ 7,200 rpm. The V-Strom weight was reduced with 1.3 kg.

The muffler is made of titanium and Akrapovic used carbon fibre for the end cap. Moreover, the exhaust system is compatible with Suzuki side cases and central stand. It has EC and ECE type approval.

final 02

The exhaust system is very simple to fit on the motorcycle. You have to put the V-Strom on the side stand or central stand, loosen the marked clamp, unscrew the muffler’s bracket bolt and remove it from the motorcycle.

After that, to install the Akrapovic exhaust you have to install the clamp onto the muffler’s inlet pipe. Next, when the muffler is put in place, slide it on to the stock header and tighten the muffler’s bracket and metal clamp. The final step is to align the muffler, tighten its bracket onto the subframe and the metal clamp.

final 01


Technical data

max. power kW 76.3 / 8650 rpm 76.6 / 8650 rpm + 1.0 / 7200 rpm
  HP (m) 103.8 / 8650 rpm 104.2 / 8650 rpm + 1.4 / 7200 rpm
  HP (i) 102.3 / 8650 rpm 102.7 / 8650 rpm + 1.4 / 7200 rpm
max. torque Nm 97.8 / 6650 rpm 98.6 / 6850 rpm + 1.2 / 7200 rpm
  lb-ft 72.1 / 6650 rpm 72.7 / 6850 rpm + 0.9 / 7200 rpm
weight kg 5.7 4.4 – 1.3
  lb 12.7 9.7 – 3.0
  %     – 23.0
inst. time min   20  
ECU remapping No




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