Suzuki Van Van Is Back. 200 Cc Ready to Roll

Suzuki Van Van is back. 200 cc ready to roll 1

Sunny beaches and urban groove. The Van Van gets a bigger displacement.

Suzuki Van Van is that kind of bike that never dies. And it never changes. Although presented as a new model, Van Van 2016 has the same looks and almost the same specs. 

The original RV 125 Van Van was launched in 1972 and hit the showrooms until 1982. After 20 years, in 2003, Suzuki revealed a new Van Van, capable of 11.8 horsepower which got a fuel injection system in 2007. This was the latest change Suzuki made until now. 

The only noticeable difference between the new Van Van and the old one is the engine, which now has 200 cc (the old one had 125 cc). Being an air-cooled single, it should be capable of about 16-18 horsepower, but Suzuki didn’t release the whole figures. 

Besides the engine, the new Van Van has a new and weird rear fender on which we find a kind of small bag, probably for some tools. 

And that’s it! The rest of the bike is retro: drum brake, 6.5 liters fuel tank, the same fat tires and a 128 kg weight. The seat is at 770 mm above the ground. 

So, who said Suzuki doesn’t have a Scrambler?

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