SW Motech Panniers for R1200GS. Better Than the Originals? VIDEO

SW Motech Panniers for R1200GS. Better than the originals? VIDEO 1
I will set off on a new journey soon. And there are some changes I’ll do to my bike. One of them – the luggage system. I changed my original BMW Vario Cases with some new Alu-Boxes.  Don’t get me wrong. The plastic Vario cases are the best ones I ever used – very robust and resistant, with an elegant mounting system and the volume adjustment – they are a top choice.  However, I didn’t like the side-loading and the small capacity of the left box. More than that, an Alu-Box is more versatile for long journeys. Still, there is that ugly frame on the back of your bike, but you can’t have it all.  So, I removed my plastic cases and put the new SW Motech Trax Adv on. You can watch the install below.
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