Tacita to Bring Electric Cruisers to the US

Tacita to Bring Electric Cruisers to the US 1

Tacita poised to bringing electric cruisers with traditional shifting to the US

Italian electric mobility company Tacita prepares electric cruisers for the US market, they come with regular shifting

Torino-based Tacita Motorcycles prepares a bold move for the US market, in the shape of an electric cruiser with traditional, leg-operated shifting. Tacita is thus entering a flourishing market as a fresh competitor for Zero Motorcycles and Lightning, which are currently the dominating forces. Harley is also in the game, despite being rather quaint in this segment so far.

Tacita T Cruise_01

One of the key models powering the expansion overseas is Tacita’s T-Cruise electric cruiser, a bike boasting the classic American looks updated with e-bike design cues, yet retaining a retro vibe that could convince riders to swap ICE motorcycles for electric ones.

Unlike most other electric two-wheelers, the Tacita T-Cruise offers manual shifting and even comes with a hand-operated clutch. However, riders don’t need to engage the clutch when shifting in the first gear or when stoppping. It is designed only to be pulled when shifting up and down through the gears, or tempering the power around tighter or difficult bends.

Tacita T Cruise_02

Talking about the classic transmission, Tacit USA Corportation CEO Axel Heilenkotter adds that the company’s engineers found out that a manual multi-gear transmission offers the optimal ratio for every situation, minimizing engine overheating and energy consumption for improved overall efficiency. Our take is that a traditional shifter is a more rewarding way of riding a cruiser, be it an electric one, too.

Now, the cheapest T-Cruise comes with a 9 kW battery pack and retails for €11,965, while the top-drawer model is a 27 kW one, with a 300 km range and a €24,510 price tag. Both the motor and the controller are liquid cooled and they put out 100 Nm of torque and 59 hp.

Tacita T Cruise_03

Both Eco and Sport modes are available to the rider at a push of a button, and the bike even comes with a reverse gear. Charging freedom is absolute, as T-Cruise comes with a built-in charger that works with stage 1, 2 and 3 power sources, with the recharging times varying accordingly.

Given all these features, it’s going to be interesting to watch how Tacita’s e-cruiser fares Stateside, hope it becomes a disrupter in the industry.

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