Take a Look at the Dakar 2018 Route

Take a look at the Dakar 2018 route 1

The beginning of 2018 marks the start of the hardest rally-raid in the world, the Dakar. The competition is at its 40th edition, the 10th in South America, and it spreads across almost 9000km of road, dunes and off-road terrain that will push riders to their limits. The 2018 Dakar consists of 14 stages crossing three countries: Peru, Bolivia and Peru. The starting point will be Lima, the capital and largest city in Peru, and the finish line is Córdoba (Argentina). There will be 14 days of riding and only one day of rest in Bolivia. The riders will need to stand out from the crowd if they want the a place on the podium in Córdoba.

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                              A closer look at the 2018 Dakar Rally line-up

In the video below you can get a better idea regrading the length and roughness of the Dakar Rally. 

The riders will face physically demanding sectors meant to test the limits of their endurance. The most difficult stage will be in Argentina with the Super Fiambala stage. We will keep you updated on the highlights of every race day so stay tuned. 

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