Tell Us What Your Ride Is & Win Some Fancy Dainese Riding Shoes

Tell us what your ride is & Win Some Fancy Dainese Riding Shoes 1
It’s been six months since we launched our YouTube Channel. We have 60 videos so far – adventure stories, test-rides, and reports – and there is a lot more to follow. Your feedback was helpful and inspiring and your appreciation was encouraging. After seeing your reactions, we've started to wonder who you are, what you ride and what do you like to read when it comes to motorcycles. So, here’s what we’re going to do:  1. Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel – unless you already did it
2. Tell us what motorcycle you ride in the comment below this YouTube video (follow the link)
3. We will randomly pick a comment the author of which will be rewarded with a pair of Dainese Vera Cruz motorcycle shoes.  Why these shoes? Because both of us (the guys you’ll see in the video) tried them and they are perfect for city use and short rides.  Don’t forget to Subscribe. The winner will be announced on 9 of February on YouTube. 

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