The 2018 Bike Shed Show. Why It’s So Important

The 2018 Bike Shed Show. Why it’s so important 1

One of the biggest custom bike show in Europe and maybe the world. Here’s why you should go

There’s no point in going into how and why The Bike Shed Show and the community are maybe the most relevant things to happen in the custom bike world on the old continent, and not only.

It’s not only that it’s very important to the custom bike industry (yes, it has grown from an odd community to a full blown industry), but the show in itself grows larger in size every year and the bikes keep getting more and more intricate and the craft on some of the projects is on the fine line of mechanics and art.

This year, the show in London’s Tobacco Dock will have over 230 bikes on display from builders around the world, on top of brands showcasing new pieces of gear and accessories.

First and foremost, I will not be sharing pictures of bikes you can see there because I don’t want to give out any spoilers prior to the event and there are some builders that kept their projects in the shadows only to reveal them on the bike day. (I’m talking about you, Bandisca.)

So, without further ado, let’s go into what you can see. Well, first off you can get to see the works of established builders that have been at it for a long long time.

All the bikes are going to be awesome, but the highlights for me are Untitled Motorcycles that will bring out a Moto Guzzi. I love Bolt London’s work and I have always wanted to see the work of Lisbon based Maria Riding Company in person. Veterans Wrenchmonkees will be there, along with fairly new kids on the block Death Machines of London which are refreshing everything.

But the most interesting part of The Bike Shed Show is that it’s getting more and more exotic. Smaller shops from ‘unlikely’ countries are going to be there which shows that there is an interest in custom bikes and a talent among builders where there wasn’t before.

Here, as I am a human being and I am biased, I’m going to mention Bandisca and Baroc Custom from Romania who are bringing out two bikes that will be revealed there. But I got to see the work in person just before they departed and I can tell you it’s absolutely world class styling and factory finish engineering.

As a conclusion, let me answer the question ‘Should I go even if I’m not into custom bikes?’

Yes. Definitely. Please go. You’re gonna like it.

Everyone who has ever experiences 2 wheel mobility should go if they have the chance because it’s not only about seeing what great craftsmen can do to a motorcycle with a toolbox and imagination. 

It’s very much about a parallel industry that grows and grows on top of the established brands and it will continue to grow. It’s an extraordinary phenomenon and we live in a time and age where we can see it progress from year to year.

Now that I’ve (hopefully) hyped you up, you can get tickets here. 

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