The Coolest Motorcycles in Keanu Reeves’ Garage

The coolest motorcycles in Keanu Reeves' garage 1

“When do you become a collector – when you have more than two or more than one?”

Keanu Reeves has a couple of motorcycles in his garage – from a vintage Norton to a track day focused ZX-10R and the Ducati 998 that featured in The Matrix Reloaded. Of course, a couple of Arch bikes as well. 

The co-founder of Arch Motorcycle, Keanu Reeves has some cool bikes in his garage. So, which are his coolest motorcycles?

Keanu Reeves Arch 05 

“When do you become a collector – when you have more than two or more than one? Or more than three? If there’s more than three than I’m barely a collector,” said Reeves.


Reeves was filming a movie in Munich, Germany, in 86’ and he came across a woman riding a Kawasaki KLR600 which became the first motorcycle he purchased. Rumour has it that the bike got stolen when Keanu was making a movie.

1973 Norton Commando 850 MK2A           

This is the second bike the actor purchased in Los Angeles around 1987. He likes the upsweep pipes, the British twin-engine, the featherbed frame developed by Norton which means that the engine is rubber-mounted which reduces vibration.

Keanu Reeves Norton 02

Other features that Keanu likes is the sound and smell of the bike, especially when the Commando 850 heats up and the oil smell.

The vintage bike features an 828cc air-cooled OHV parallel twin making 60hp @ 6,200rpm and it can reach a top speed of 122mph (196kph). The wet weight is 462lb (210kg) and the price for the bike in 1973 was $1,879 (€1,689) while now is between $5,500 – $8,500 (€4,945 – €7,643).

Keanu Reeves Norton

2004 Ducati 998 Matrix Reloaded Edition

The Ducati 998 superbike featured in The Matrix Reloaded movie. The motorcycle is fitted with a special dark green colour scheme and he remembers that “Carrie-Anne Moss who have never ridden a motorcycle in her life learned how to ride a Ducati 998.”

keanu reeves motorcycle collection (2)

The Italian bike is equipped with a 998cc desmodromic V-twin engine producing 123hp @ 9,750 rpm and a torque of 97 Nm @ 8,000 rpm.

keanu reeves motorcycle the matrix ducati gq

Although Reeves has the 998 model, in The Matrix Reloaded movie the bike is a 2001 Ducati 996, but because the production of the 996 has been ceased at that time, the motorcycle in the movie was actually a 998-series model.


Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

For track days, Reeves uses his ZX-10R and one track he likes is Laguna Seca.

Keanu Reeves Kawasaki ZX 10R 03 Laguna Seca 2017

The superbike has a 998cc inline-four engine delivering 203hp @ 13,500 rpm. Using RAM-air system the power increases to 213hp. The maximum 115 Nm of torque is reached at 11,200rpm.

S0 video keanu reeves nous revele sa collection et sa passion 589018

The suspension features fully adjustable Showa Balance Free inverted fork with an external compression chamber which allows the surface of the main piston to act as a pump, pushing oil towards the valves. The compression and rebound damping are generated and adjusted completely independent to one another.


On the rear, the ZX-10R is fitted with a fully adjustable horizontal back-link shock absorber.

The braking system is equipped with Brembo M50 monobloc callipers and 330 mm discs on the front. The bike has a racing ABS (KIBS) which monitors the front brake calliper hydraulic pressure, throttle position, engine speed, clutch actuation and gear position. The information received by the system enables to determine the ideal front hydraulic pressure.

Keanu Reeves Kawasaki ZX 10R 01

The rear brakes feature a single 220 mm disc with a Brembo calliper. The wet weight sits at 206 kg.

Keanu Reeves Kawasaki ZX 10R

2019 Arch KRGT-1

Keanu Reeves has a couple of motorcycles that he builds with his Arch company one of them being the KRGT-1 model.


The motorcycle features an S&S 124ci (2,032cc) V-Twin engine making 120 hp at the rear wheel. Other features include a tubular steel frame with CNC-machined aluminium subframe, fully adjustable Öhlins FGRT fork and fully adjustable Öhlins rear shock with reservoir and hydraulic pre-load adjustment.

keanu reeves bikes arch 2018 7

The braking system is fitted with dual ISR six-piston radial monobloc callipers with ISR floating dampened discs on the front while the rear is equipped with a single ISR four-piston radial monobloc calliper with ISR semi-floating disc. Also, the bike is fitted with an ABS system.

keanu reeves bikes arch 2018 15

The KRGT-1 is built with aluminium components and is fitted with BST carbon fibre wheels. The seat is custom made and other components include Rizoma turning signals mirrors and foot controls.

2019 Arch 1S

The 1S model features the first production single-sided billet aluminium swingarm from ARCH. Also, it’s equipped with a carbon fibre fuel cell with CNC machined billet aluminium air intake, ARCH/K&N Engineering filtration components and integrated fuel filler enclosure.

keanu reeves bikes arch 2018 14

The motorcycle is equipped with an S&S 124ci (2,032cc) V-Twin engine, Öhlins suspension, billet and tubular steel frame with CNC machined aluminium backbone and subframe and CNC machined single-sided billet aluminium swingarm.

keanu reeves bikes arch 2018 5

Other parts include a braking system from ISR – dual six 30mm piston radial monobloc callipers with ISR floating dampened 320mm discs on the front & a single ISR four-piston radial monobloc calliper with ISR semi-floating 266mm disc on the rear.

Keanu Reeves Arch 01

Also, the Arch 1S is fitted with 17-inch BST carbon fibre wheels.

2019 Arch Method 143

Reeves has a Method 143 model in prototype form, a bike equipped with an S&S Method 143ci (2,343cc) power plant and a carbon fibre monocoque frame providing fuel storage.

Keanu Reeves Arch Method 143.png

It’s built using carbon fibre, aluminium and fine leather. The motorcycle has some special details like the aluminium fuel cell and tail section exteriors, the stepped carbon fibre front fender and billet aluminium headlight housing, fork aero-foils, aerodynamic belly-pan and carbon fibre stepped rear fender.

Arch Method 143 method components 2 min

Also, the bike is fitted with special designed BST Ultra-thin Blade ‘Turbine’ Seven Spoke carbon fibre wheels. 

We would like to know the power figures for this bike.

Arch Method 143 method side min

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