The Details Behind Suzuki’s Variable Valve Timing Technology

The Details Behind Suzuki’s Variable Valve Timing Technology 1

The latest engine technology developed by Suzuki will debut on the street version of the GSX-R

The VVT technology is not new. The system is already used on motorcycles built by different manufacturers. But why is the one developed by Suzuki so special, and how does it work?


suzuki gsx r1000 concept vvt parts 2 2

This technology highlights the beauty of all things mechanical. The new development consists of an all-mechanic system that uses the centrifugal force to make things happen. The VVT developed for the GSX-R 1000 is for a single part, the intake camshaft gearing.

The solution is very ingenious. The camshaft gear now comes packed with steel balls, whose motion inside the gear is possible due to the centrifugal force. The steel plate acts like a spring which is responsible for the rpm at which the system comes in action. 

As a result, changing the stiffness of the spring will end up with a different set-up range. In the picture below you can see the effect on the cam lobe position determined by the movement of the metal balls.

vvt suzuki

When this happens, the camshaft moves, and the ignition timing changes. This results in even higher revs for the engine.


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