The Difference Between Custom Motorcycles – Infographic

Scramblers, Cafe Racers, Trackers, Bobbers, Brats, Brat-Bobs, Choppers…oh the humanity! There are so many of them, but that’s good for us.

Whether you ride a beautiful custom bike, or you are fascinated by everything that has two wheels and an internal combustion engine, or you simply want to know more about this underground custom industry, it is mandatory to know the difference between the various types of custom motorcycles. 

When you hop from a café to another with your buddies on your custom racers or just zip around town, people that don't know much about custom motorcycles will ask you tons of questions about your beautiful ride. A custom ride it's not the usual daily traffic sight. It is nice to explain to them the custom culture and the differences between custom styles and bikes.

Here is a short graphic guide to help you learn more about custom motorcycles and what makes a custom bike style different from the other.

scrambler bobber brat brat bob american chopper european chopper.png

Ride safe!

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