The New BMW C 400 X Mid-Size Scooter

The New BMW C 400 X mid-size scooter 1
Love it or hate it design. Missed the odd BMW machines The German manufacturer widens up the scooter range for 2018. The BMW C 400 X is a mid-size scooter that aims the urban traffic congestions. It comes with a single cylinder engine, CVT transmission and it features all the modern gadgets that BMW got us used to. The looks follow the futuristic trend of the Bavarian manufacturer with a love it or hate it appearance.  P90281110_highRes The features list is pretty long for a mid-size scooter. The electronics package comes with mandatory ABS and ASC (Automatic Stability Control) that’s BMW name for traction control. All the lighting on the scooter is LED, and it comes as standard. To keep you fully charged while riding there’s a right- hand compartment that hides inside a power socket. P90281119_highRes Optionally you can add a 6.5 inch full-color TFT that features multiple functions. In combination with the BMW Motorrad Multi-Controller, you can connect with the scooter and perform various operations without being distracted from driving. You can connect your smartphone to the hi-tech dash and listen to your favorite music while traveling or make a phone call. You can also get indications from an arrow-based navigation trough the TFT screen. P90281122_highRes The liquid-cooled 350cc single-cylinder engine produces 34hp (25kw) at 7500rpm. The fuel injection system and engine management system are tuned to keep the fuel consumption at a low level. The fuel tank can handle 12.8 liters of gas while the whole assembly unladen weight is 204 kg. BMW claims the windshield will offer superior wind protection and low wind noise. The under seat storage space can be extended downwards for extra room for your grocery store visits.  P90280380_highRes The BMW C 400 X scooter comes in two paint schemes, the Zenith Blue metallic and Alpine white non-metallic with a contrasting black and red saddle. The main rivals for the C 400 X are the Yamaha X-Max 400 and the Suzuki Burgman 400. We have to wait until spring to check out the new mid-size scooter from BMW. 

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