The New BMW F850 GS Is Imminent. Here’s What We Know About It

The new BMW F850 GS is Imminent. Here's what we know about it 1

The new parallel-twin GS will be revealed this year and it will feature a lot of changes

BMW will unveil a new parallel-twin platform this year. These are the first spy-shots of the new BMW F850 GS which will hit the market as a direct competitor to Honda’s Africa Twin. 

The whole inline twin-platform will be changed this autumn, according to our information. The F700GS and F800GS as we know them will disappear and will be replaced with all-new models. We're also expecting to see a new parallel-twin roadster too. The photos were published by 

F800GS will become F850GS

But let’s get back to the F800GS. The new middleweight GS might be branded as F850. The new-generation inline-twin will come with more power and will be more refined that the F800. It's created as a direct competitor to Honda’s Africa Twin, having about the same price and performance figures. 

Exhaust-transmission switched 

The exhaust will be moved to the right side of the bike, while the chain final transmission will be on the left. You can see the new F850GS below, next to the old-fashioned F800GS Adventure. 

new BMW F850GS

Fuel tank 

The fuel tank will be brought to the front, and it's shapes are inspired by the R1200GS. It will probably have about the same volume. 

GPS Ready 

The new F850GS will feature the “wheel-controller” already familiar with the larger displacement models. The GPS cradle will be mounted on the handlebar. 

LED Headlight

The new middleweight adventure will come with a new headlight. It still has an asymmetrical shape, but it seems to be a LED now. Also, the taillights are different. 

New Dashboard

The dash is also new – half analog/half digital – and it’s similar to the one already seen on R1200R. 

Vario Cases

The new F850GS is fitted with Vario cases that can be mounted without the traditional aluminum cradle. However, it will most likely also have the aluminum panniers version. 

Tubeless Michelin Anakee III Tires

The spy-shots reveal the Michelin Anakee III tubeless tires, also found on the R1200GS. You can see the different rims, similar to the ones on R1200GS. However, the front seems to be a 21-inch. 

Ride-by-wire throttle

The new F850GS also seems to feature ride-by-wire throttle, cruise control, and different riding modes. 

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