The New Suzuki v-Strom 650 Introduced at Intermot

The New Suzuki V-Strom 650 Introduced at Intermot 1

The 650 V-Strom seems to be completely new

The changes made to the new power unit were only optimization related and Euro 4 regulations. The new long-nose type fuel injectors with ten holes were added, one injector for each throttle body. This change was made in order to obtain a better combustion efficiency and reduced fuel consumption. The engine got also the dual spark technology and new camshafts borrowed from the SV 650 for increased power. The exhaust is reshaped, and it now has the two-into-one system. The pipes unify below the chassis to reduce the weight and centralize the mass. This change means a narrower tail unit and more place for luggage.

The electronics package comes now with ABS and Traction Control from the 5-axis Bosch IMU. The traction control has three modes 1, 2 and OFF. The differences between the three settings are related only to the sensitivity. Mode 2 has the highest sensitivity.

The looks are changed, Suzuki adopted the V-Strom 1000 lines and headlight. The beak style front fairing, KTM look alike, seems almost identical to the bigger Strom. Even the dashboard is the same but with the 650 particularities. The greatest change is the big windscreen that can be adjusted in three positions.

The frame remains the same as the previous model. There are two wheel choices the ten spoke aluminum wheels and the XT version that comes with spoked wheels both keep the same tire dimension. 
This new model will be available in the spring of 2017. We wonder if it keeps the reliability of the former V-Strom.

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