The Ultimate Moto-Hipster Camping Gear

The Ultimate Moto-Hipster Camping Gear 1

Got a perfectly-groomed beard and a scrambler? Here’s your bedroom.

The Swiss Made Exposed Motorcycle bivouac offers you shelter when you want to spend your night in a million-star bedroom. And that old-school simplicity is more attractive than a mountain tent.  

There is enough room for one person and luggage, and the bivouac adapts fully to different motorcycle heights: from a low chopper, mid-sized scrambler to a high cross machine – according to its creators – a group of outdoor and motorcycle enthusiasts, who enjoy traveling minimalistic. 

Watch the official presentation in the video below

The Exposed bivouac is hand made in Switzerland and seems as high-quality and functional as a Swiss Knife. 

The bivouac is made from Cordura and is “processed with a trademark coating for the highest level of water impermeability.” It also comes with a peg and a pole pocket, forming a 15cm (6in) diameter x 45cm (18in) width. 


According to the kickstarter pledges, the retail price is somewhere around 650 CHF – about $640. 

“Pack your stuff, hop on your bike and get lost.” And read the bivouac’s full story on and on


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