This Grandma-Styled Bike Is Faster Than an S1000RR – Midnight Runner Electric Cafe Racer

This Grandma-Styled Bike is Faster than an S1000RR - Midnight Runner Electric Cafe Racer 1

There’s a 100kW electric engine behind those old-school fairings. Meet the Midnight Racer.

The Midnight Racer is an “electric street fighter” manufactured by Energica in collaboration with Apache Custom Motorcycles. 

According to its builder, the styling is inspired by the GP racers of the 70s, and the handmade fairings were built in more than 280 hours of work. Under the vintage racer windscreen, there’s a TFT dash bearing Energica & Apache Custom Motorcycles Signature. 

Energica 18

But the performance is not 70s at all. The 100kW engine comes directly from the Energica Evo, and it goes from 0 to 100 in 3 seconds. The engine develops 195 NM of torque, and it comes with four riding modes – Standard, Eco, Rain, Sport and four regenerative maps: Low, Medium, High, Off. 

Energica 12

The Midnight Runner also comes with adjustable high-spec suspensions and powerful Brembo Brakes. 

Energica is an electric motorcycle builder from Italy who made three models: Energica Eva StreetFigther, Energica  Ego Superbike and Energica Ego 45 – a more luxurious version of the Ego Superbike. 

Apache Custom Motorcycles is a custom builder based in Verona, Italy. Watch the video below:

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