Spanish Adventure Motorcycle Looks Like a BMW GS Series

Most likely a very few of us heard about Macbor. It’s a Spanish manufacturer specialized in building bikes for kids and they also have a 500cc adventure motorcycle built in China which looks pretty close to a BMW GS series. Meet the Macbor Montana XR5.

This adventure motorcycle has a lookalike bodywork of a BMW R1250GS. It features a beak with a cut-out in the middle and also the painted colours scheme of the fuel tank plastic covers resemble the German adventure motorcycle. The red and silver colouring is the same as a BMW G310GS and the new F900XR while the blue and white colours match the classic paint scheme of a BMW.

Behind the bodywork, the Macbor Montana XR5 is fitted with a 471cc water-cooled four-stroke parallel twin-cylinder engine. It’s Euro4 compliant and has electronic fuel injection. The company didn’t reveal the power figures but like the smaller versions, 125cc XR1 and 250cc XR2, the XR5 is suitable for the A2 license. So, it makes no more than 48 HP. The engine is fitted to a six-speed gearbox.

Moreover, Macbor Montana XR5 features a 21-liter fuel tank which in comparison, is larger than the one on the BMW F750GS or BMW R1250GS. Even with this fuel tank capacity, the adventure motorcycle is quite slim with a dry weight of 178 kg. Its length sits at 2,150mm, ground clearance is 210mm, seat height is 840mm and the company offers an option to lower the seat to 820mm.  Other features include ABS braking system, USB connectivity and LED headlights.

It’s quite an interesting package and the company offers a sales campaign until July 31 which includes a price tag of €6,499 for the Macbor Montana XR5 and also, a luggage set with two side cases and an aluminium top case (37 liters on the left side, 33 liters on the right side, 36 liters of top case). Unfortunately, the motorcycle is sold only on the Spanish motorcycle market, so anyone who’s interested in purchasing one will have to plan a trip to Spain as well.

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