This Motorcycle Weighs 35 KG [77 Pounds] and Costs $56,000

If running out of range, you can carry it by yourself

The “Light Rider” looks more like a bicycle than like a proper motorcycle. But it’s capable of 80 km/h, and the 6kW electric engine offers a massive 130 NM of torque – more than a BMW R1200 GS. 

“We wanted it to be really silent and lightweight, like a bicycle but with the speed and stability of a motorbike,” explains Stefanus Stahl, a designer at APWorks, the German Airbus subsidiary responsible for the motorcycle said in a WIRED Interview. 

APWorks talks about a bionic algorithm that defines the frame structure – an aerospace approach that gives the motorcycle stiffness and guarantees optimal use of material. 

Ap Works

If wondering how exactly did the Germans build it, you’ll find out that it’s 3D printed – created out of thousands of 30 µm thin layers in a metallic powder bed. The whole frame is made out of Scalmalloy®. This aircraft grade aluminium offers the specific strength of titanium and is unequaled in 3D printing.

Watch the Light Rider official video presentation below

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