This Old Honda Africa Twin Was Transformed to a Rally Beast

This old Honda Africa Twin was Transformed to a Rally Beast 1
Boano Moto RD04 Ivan replica kit Boano Moto is an Italian workshop specialized in manufacturing racing kits. In this case, we’re looking at a 1991 Honda Africa Twin 750 featuring a revised bodywork, redesigned fuel tank, racing suspension and upgraded engine components. Two Italian brothers, Jarno and Ivan Boano are behind building this bike. They used to race in enduro and supermoto competitions and afterwards established Boano Race Parts. The Italian bike builders used their racing experience to transform the Honda Africa Twin 750 into a rally machine. The kit is called RD04 Ivan Replica and its main feature is that the bike was customized to have a lower centre of gravity (-8 cm) to increase handling. It comes in two versions – Estetic and Race.

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RD04 Ivan Replica Estetic Kit – € 2,600 

The bike’s weight has been shifted down thanks to the new position of the 23-litre fuel tank that drops down on the sides of the engine. Thanks to the narrower fuel tank, the riding position was improved which allows greater movement on the adventure bike and improved handling.

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c5948b01 d45a 46af 8712 591a2e860c7b_rd 04 estetico 2 The bodywork kit includes: – 23-litre fuel tank made from fibreglass
– Hull/Fairing fibreglass with reinforced k/c
– Support frame fairing and headlights
– Traitech LED headlights 
– Carbon paramotor
– Complete saddle
– Side panels under the saddle
– Graphics kit Cristal by Core Stickers
– Rear fender with LED
– Subframe rear fender/holder


RD04 Ivan Replica Race Kit – € 6,190 

It features the same fuel tank design and riding position as the Estetic Kit. On the technical side, it has a new suspension kit with a 48mm close cartridge SACHS fork and Ohlins Boano shock absorber with 3 adjustments (compression, return, hydraulic spring preload). Arrow manifolds and Leovince exhaust system complete the package.

92028878_1554330504722501_2518166873565036544_o  The Bodywork kit includes: – VTR 23-liters fuel tank tank 
– VTR Hull with reinforcements k / c
– Frame support hull and headlights
– Traitech LED headlights
– Parameter guard CARBON
– Complete seat
– Fiancatine under saddle
– Cristal by Core Stickers graphic kit
– Rear fender with LED
– Rear fender/license plate frame
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Engine-wise, the v-twin was upgraded and equipped with new carburettor membranes, offroad filter kit, Regenero clutch protection and oil cooler protections. There are no technical details regarding any power figures, so probably the output is around 60 hp.


90375045_1541326822689536_480402786526167040_o Roberto Boano raced with all three Africa Twin models in five Paris-Dakar Rallies, two of them as an official Honda rider. Best place finish was 11th overall back in ‘91. Also, his sons Jarno and Ivan raced in enduro and supermoto competitions. Their racing experience helped them establish Boano Race Parts which prepares bikes for racing, manufactures and sells racing components worldwide.




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