This Yamaha R1 Was Transformed Into a Beach Killer

This Yamaha R1 was transformed into a Beach Killer 1

Meet the Beach Killer – a custom 1999 Yamaha R1

It looks like a Mad Max machine with that steel frame and war-horse front-end. It's got 150 horsepower and it's ready to rock the beach. 

The story starts in New Zealand, where a guy named Jorge decided to transform his Yamaha YZF R1 into an adventure bike for a round the world trip. After many work-hours, the machine came to life in a completely different shape. 

Watch Jorge doing 250 kph [155 mph] on the beach

It was just in time to take part in the Burt Munro Challenge – a beach race in New Zealand. Although Jorge had some technical problems and didn’t manage to participate, he opened a whole new book with the design of its Yamaha Beach Killer.     

The movie below was filmed by Pedro Mota, a guy riding his Transalp around the world. Watch his movies and ride because, as he says “the life is only one. Do extraordinary things and live the adventure.” Follow him on YouTube and Instagram –

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