Tom Cruise Crashes BMW R nineT in New Mission Impossible Movie

Tom Cruise crashes BMW R nineT in new Mission Impossible movie 1

Upcoming Mission Impossible movie has Tom Cruise riding the BMW R nineT Scrambler hard around the city, crashing it, but walking away

BMW continues their successful streak of product placement deals with the creators of the Mission Impossible franchise, as the new movie, called Fallout, also sports bikes made by zie Germans. This time, Tom Cruise will be aboard a BMW R nineT Scrambler, in fast-paced urban pursuits, with some older police BMW R1200RT machines making appearance, as well.

The teaser, which can be watched after the jump, shows some really hard riding during a chase in Paris. The street race is ended abruptly with Cruise crashing into a Peugeot that cuts in front of him. Still, the movie makers leave Cruise almost unscathed, despite the fact that he’s not wearing a helmet and crashes way above the legal 50 km/h (31 mph).

We sort of hoped that BMW machines would be used to create scenes even more thrilling than those in Rogue Nation, back in 2015. Cruise then rode an S1000RR, also without a helmet, but the creators managed to make that one really count: being chased by another RR, being shot at, riding at high speed on twisty mountain roads and eventually causing his pursuer’s bike to crash into a ball of fire.

Not sure if this year’s movie and crashing action will get too many viewers into motorcycling, however. Anyway, having nice motorcycles in action-packed movies is one of the things we appreciate, as they also remind the audience how cool bikes are, regardless of what a fictional character does with them.

BMW is not the only motorcycle manufacturer that bets on product placement in successful movies, with the partnership of Harley-Davidson and Marvel being only the first thing that comes to mind. 

Mission Impossible: Fallout is slated to hit the theaters in late July.


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