Top Three Most Exclusive Superbikes

Top Three Most Exclusive Superbikes 1

The most popular of the this year’s high spec and limited superbikes

The units that wear a limited edition logo are the most desired. Every true enthusiast dreams to ride one of these bikes. Its uniqueness does not lie in the color scheme. It's just a matter of balancing high spec features and parts. Unfortunately, there are only a few models built.

The latest models of popular brands that showed up this fall got better and better. But the manufacturers still have something set aside for these special editions. The first in our top had to be a bike that built a name for itself.

Kawasaki ZX-10RR

A ready-to-race ZX-10 RR will be available this winter. Only 500 units will be available starting this winter. The RR features many goodies like a race-tuned cylinder head and lighter 7-spoke Marchesini wheels. The electronics package has an extra bi-directional quick-shifter for seamless cog swapping. The looks remain unchanged. The visual difference is the RR logo on the engine covers, the RR key, and the Winter Edition black paint job.


Honda CBR1000RR SP2

The long waited CBR made its debut at Intermot this month. The SP model is expected to bring Honda back to the front row. Judging by the spec sheet the bike might just not be the winner but will have a lot to say. The SP2 borrows technology from the RCV 213V. The cylinder head comes with larger valves than the SP1 and lighter wheels provided by Marchesini. There will be only 500 SP2s wearing the gold striping and HRC logo.


MV Agusta F4 RC

This extravagant F4 is claimed to produce a peak power of 212 HP, and we think this bike its the definition of a race ready, superbike. All the parts are race intended. The carbon fiber fairings, titanium bolts, and magnesium engine cover drop the weight to an outstanding 175 Kg [ 386 lbs ]. The set up includes Öhlins suspension, Brembo brakes and a full race Termignoni exhaust. The RC will be produced in 250 units with the Leon Camier WSBK theme.

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