Touratech Shows New Companero World2 Adventure Riding Suit

Touratech Shows New Companero World2 Adventure Riding Suit 1

Touratech Companero World2 is a new adventure (and more) riding suit with a different architecture

Touratech brings an OUTER Gore-Tex shell with their all-new Companero World2 adventure riding suit. As strange as this may sound, they’ve actuallty done it, and it seems like a bright idea.

The Companero World2 was designed by Touratech’s founder Herbert Schwarz as a response to the problems traditional designs have.

World 2_01

Basically, a motorcycle suit with an integrated Gore-Tex laminate keeps the rider much warmer than needed during the hot season. No matter how many vents are open, this construction is inherently hotter than anything else. It keeps water on the outside in the rain and shields the rider quite well, but wearing such a suit in the summer isn’t always a pleasure.

On the other hand, suits with removable liners that attach with zippers on the inside provide slightly better cooling in hot weather, but get all soaked in the wet. As the rain stops, water on outer textile layer starts to evaporate fast, sometimes lowering the body temperature down to dangerous levels.

World 2_02

So Schwarz thought to simply switch the placement of the waterproof liner, adding it as an outer removable shell. Water stays out while the textile jacket or pants with integrated armor remain dry even in a downpour. When riding in dry weather, a motorcyclist would detach the outer Gore-Tex shell and stow it away, benefiting from the breathable mesh of the inner jacket and its vents.

Companero World2’s outer waterproof shell easily attaches with zippers to the Cordura jacket and can be transported in a special compartment and comes with chest vents. These are protected with YKK Aqua Seal waterproof zippers. The jacket and its matching pants can also be joined with a back zipper that transforms the duo into a one-piece-like riding suit for even more wearing comfort.

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The textile jacket and pants are made from Cordura 500, with Cordura 2000 around critical areas such as shoulders, elbows, knees and hips, and provide excellent airflow in hot weather. They come with CE Level 2 protectors and have reflective panels for better visibility in dim conditions.

One of the nicest things about the jacket’s weatherproof liner is that it can be worn as a casual jacket when off the bike, offering exceptional protection against water thanks to its top-shelf Gore-Tex Pro 3-layer laminate. No less than 7 pockets are available to the rider when the jacket and the waterproof liner are used together.

Touratech offers both men’s and women’s versions but when it comes to sizes you’re advised to get in touch with the manufacturer, as the European sizes may differ a bit from what’s in the size charts.

Like most of Touratech’s gear, the Companero World2 isn’t exactly cheap. The jacket will run you just under $1,500, while the pants are $1,095 for men, and $895 for ladies. Make your choice here.

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