Triumph Ready for Electric Mobility With the All-New TE-1

Triumph ready for electric mobility with the all-new TE-1 1

The electric mobility tidal wave is impossible to stop and it’s time to see Triumph making plans to ride it.

The legendary bike manufacturer and iconic British crown jewel revealed plans for their first-ever electric motorcycle dubbed TE-1. Having first teased this machine earlier this year, Triumph sent out a customer survey to customers which sort of indicated possible intentions to develop their own electric bike project.

Triumph is believed to have started developing their first electric motorcycle, an undertaking that could take two years or so to come to fruition. Voices in the e-industry say we could expect a relatively lightweight powertrain suitable for multiple applications in the company’s current and future line-up.

Reportedly, House Hinckley teamed up with Formula 1 legends Williams Advanced Engineering, inverter makers Integral Powertrain and even with a specialist team from the Warwick University, as well as the UK Government agency Innovate UK.

In all honesty, it’s truly amazing to see yet another historic brand starting making inroads into the electric realm, with the most shocking (at that time) name being, of course, Harley-Davidson. Taking a different approach to building motorbikes might startle the traditional customer base, but by all means, this shows that a maker is not willing to go down silently as the e-mobility wave sweeps by.

Both Harley and Triumph will still manufacture plenty of models to appeal to their existing fans, but will also be able to offer something for the newer generations. Given their motorcycling prowess, Triumph has all what it takes to build a great electric machine, be it a modern classic or a speed demon. After all, a good powertrain can be installed in many a chassis type, and this makes the entire project all the more interesting.

We’ll follow this project closely and bring you updates, so stay tuned.

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