Turn Your Motorcycle Into a True Commuter

Four add-ons for comfortable commuting no matter the distance or weather Everyday commuting to work is easier when you decide to go by motorcycle. Unfortunately, the weather is not always convenient. That means a rider can experience temperatures from 30’ C ( 86’ F ) to 0’C ( 32’ F ), from a hot summer day to a gloomy cold rain. Wind or snow, the bike can handle any conditions. But what about you?

 A big windshield

The helmets these days are more and more aerodynamic and comfortable, but highway commuting can give some headaches. The turbulence is upsetting for everybody. No matter what kind of ride you have, extra wind protection is a huge plus for your comfort. The market is filled with windshields for any type of bike. You can buy one for less than $100. Be aware that the windshield must suit you. It can act diferently according to the rider's height. 6506h 1 Try to find the adjustable models they are easy to mount, and you can switch between city or highway use. If you still encounter the helmet wobbling try a small wind deflector. It worths every cent. winddeflector3

Hand guards

The main controls are hand actioned. Riding with frozen fingers hurts like hell. The worst situation you can encounter is a cold rain combined with icy winds. In this conditions, the numbness will get unbearable. The best solution is to fit your bike with some hand guards. They don’t look cool on any model, but they do a great job keeping your hands safe from wind and injuryes. Givi_HP2115_MT 07_MT 09_Handguards_Paramani The guards are available in different shapes and colors, and you can get a pair for less than $100. Fitting them is a walk in the park. Of course, if you have a racing bike it will look foolish with hand guards, but you can buy a pair of winter gloves.

Heated grips

The most efficient way to keep your hands warm while riding is by turning on your heated grips. The new generation bikes usually come fitted with the heated grips. If you don't have them, don't worry. There are a lot of options on the market.  vendor.2013.quadboss.heated grips There are two main things you need to keep in mind when you want to buy some heated grips. The plastics trim should have a nice finish, and the wiring loom needs to have a fuse. If you find a pair that meets the requirements, you are good to go. The price for a reliable model varies from $75 to $150, and you can fit them yourself. Combine the heated grips with hand guards and your life will be much easier.

A custom seat

The factory motorcycle seat is well known for giving the riders a hard time. Personally, besides the long-range machines, I didn't find until now a bike with a really comfortable seat. This problem leaves you with two options: Either you go to your local shop and pay around $50 for extra cushion, or you can go for the most ergonomic option – a new custom seat. kz1014g_7t 607x335 Take Corbin for example. They are well known for their extra-comfy saddle, but the price is high. For example if you want to replace you Kawasaki Z1000 saddle, you must pay $450. But the comfort level is heavily increased and the bike looks almost unchanged. kz1014g_6t 607x335 Read also our Riding in the Winter Survival Guide

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