Umbria Kinetics Develops New AirTender Suspension for Honda Africa Twin 1100

Umbria Kinetics Develops New AirTender Suspension for Honda Africa Twin 1100 1

It can be fitted on the rear end and helps the bike’s rigidity without any mechanical preload

Umbria Kinetics brings their AirTender system on the new Honda CRF 1100L Africa Twin. The kit is available for the rear monoshock and is interchangeable with the original suspension of the adventure motorcycle. It consists of the AirTender (elastic element) and an Öhlins shock absorber developed according to Umbria Kinetics technical specifications with the support of Andreani Group International. 

Umbria Kinetics is an Italian brand, based in Foligno, Italy who previously collaborated with Honda Motor Europe to manufacture an AirTender system for the 2016-2019 Africa Twin CRF1000L models. Now, the company offers a rear suspension system complete with an Ohlins shock absorber or an adapter for the stock Showa unit on the 2020 Honda CRF 1100L Africa Twin as well as for the Adventure Sports version.

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The AirTender suspension kit replaces the standard spring with a shorter and stiffer coil of the Honda adventure motorcycle. The coil spring supports the motorcycle and the rider’s weight, increases the bike’s handling and absorbs dips and weight transfers. Thus, the suspension kit offers more rigidity and no mechanical preload while the rider tackles the off-road. Moreover, the hydraulic system works beyond a certain load level, softening the suspension to help the rider through tough terrain tracks. With this suspension behaviour, the AirTender system offers more riding comfort, hard impact resistance, and allows the suspension to better absorb the hardest bumps. Furthermore, the kit can be adjusted by the rider to set up the shock’s compression for heavier loads and improved damping.

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Umbria Kinetics Develops New AirTender Suspension for Honda Africa Twin 1100 9
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The price tag on the European motorcycle market for the AirTender system on the Honda Africa Twin 1100 model is €1,790 excluding installation costs. Also, Umbria Kinetics offers the possibility to fit the kit on the original Showa monoshock at the cost of €1,200, excluding installation costs. Moreover, the company has an option to upgrade for Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin customers who purchased the previous AirTender kit. In other words, the riders will be able to convert their suspension kit to the new system for the cost of €120, installation costs excluded. The system can be installed throughout the Honda dealership network.

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