Updated Kawasaki Z 1000 SX Revealed at Intermot

Updated Kawasaki Z 1000 SX Revealed at Intermot 1

The Z 1000 SX looks closer to the Ninja family

The new Kawasaki Z 1000 SX has been completely redesigned. It looks sharper than the former model, with the new lines bringing it closer to the ZXR from a styling point of view. So, the new SX features a more Ninja-like design. What else? Well, the engine got revised to comply with the Euro 4 standard and the power delivery is now smoother. How’s that for a touring bike?

A combination between H2R and ZX-10R

Kawasaki's spearhead in the sports touring area, the Z 1000 SX underwent some serious changes. The front fairing is all new, and the headlight is reshaped. By the way, the new lights are very similar to the one on the ZX-10R. The side fairings have now H2R fins that make it look a bit wider, while the more aerodynamic shape translates into less drag and smaller fuel consumption.

Increased comfort

For increased touring comfort, the Z 1000 SX gains a larger windshield and wider seats with a larger cushion. The suspensions have also been revised, resulting in shorter seat height. The passenger handles are now wider and face up for an easier access to the side cases. The new dash has a sportier design with new clocks and a gear indicator. Furthermore, the new LED headlight is said to offer considerably more light. The list of options is longer and now includes heated grips, side cases, and DC plugs.

2017 Kawasaki z1000 sx 4

Revised engine

After switching to the Euro 4 regulations, the engine still provides a peak power of 142 HP. The ECU's new mapping offering a softer power delivery, with the bike featuring three riding modes. The braking system stays the same, while the exhaust retains the original shape. The new Z 1000 is available with the Bosch IMU for increased safety and the Kawasaki Cornering Management Function now brings ABS cornering and traction control. 

The new Kawasaki Z 1000 SX is expected to launch next spring as a rival for the Suzuki GXS-100F.

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