Vespa Electric Scooter – Up to 200 Km (124 Miles) Range

Vespa electric scooter - up to 200 km (124 miles) range 1

Meet the new Vespa Elettrica. Not just a concept anymore

Piaggio presented its iconic Vespa in a totally new shape. Well, the traditional shape is quite the same, actually, but you won’t find the 2-stroke engine under the fairing anymore. Vespa goes electric and it can be ordered online from spring 2018.
Vespa Elettrica is using the Primavera chassis, and it will be available in two versions: the standard one (100 km range) and the X version – which, combining a generator with the electric motor, doubles its range by always recharging of the batteries.

vespa eletrica dasg

It features 12 inches aluminum wheels and LED lights.
The power unit delivers a continuous 2kW energy with a peak power of 4 kW, which means it’s “superior to a traditional 50 cc scooter”. According to Piaggio, you need 4 hours for a complete recharge. 

No details about the price yet, but it will have a worldwide distribution, and it can be ordered online from spring 2018.
Piaggio is not the only big player to unveil an electric scooter. 

vespa elletrica.png

Honda also launched an electric version of its popular PCX scooter which comes with removable batteries. Besides the electric version, Honda also unveiled a hybrid PCX scooter. The bad news is that the Honda e-scooters will only be available in Asia.


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