Vespa Scooters Go Offroad Racing at Mexico 1000

Vespa scooters go offroad racing at Mexico 1000 1
The scooters will be fitted with skid plates, offroad tires, and modified suspension Tutto Mondo Racing will race a pair of Vespa scooters at the Mexico 1000 which is an offroad competition in Mexico. 1000 miles of racing from the North to South of the Baja California Peninsula. Tutto Mondo Racing made a partnership with Leonardo Pilati and the head of the Central Italian Vespa Club, Pietro Bologna. Leonardo has won multiple championships in several Vespa racing competitions in Europe. So, they should do a good job at the Mexico 1000.

Vespa scooters race Mexican 1000 Baja 2 The Vespa scooters will be fitted with skid plates, offroad tires, and modified suspension. The length of the race is 1,000 miles (1,600 km) through the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico from North to South. The competitors will start from Ensenada and race through San Felipe, Guerrero Negro, Bahia de Los Angeles, Loreto, La Paz with the finish line set at San Jose del Cabo.

Vespa scooters race Mexican 1000 Baja 3 “There’s no way to look cool racing a Vespa, so you have to just go out and have fun. Just like any off-road race vehicle, our Vespa’s have skid plates, bigger tires, and some work done on the shocks.  If you want to race on a budget, they can’t be beaten. We were doing some prep at a shop in Mexico and soon had 20 of the locals joining in to help. I wouldn’t be surprised if racing Vespa’s became a big thing over here like it is in Europe,” said Marcus Benham, Tutto Mondo Racing.

pr2 This competition is not the first time Vespas were raced in offroad as the scooters used to compete at the Mexico 1000 back in the 1970s.  The 2020 Mexico 1000 takes place from April 17-24 with the races scheduled between April 19-23. It’s organized by the National Off-Road Racing Association (NORRA). Fancy Italian scooters thrashed in offroad racing? We’ll love to see them in action!


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