Virus Tourist Trophy Documentary. Racing a Yamaha R1

205 mph & 214 hp superbike spec machine…

The motorcycle documentary, Isle of Man TT – Virus Tourist Trophy, follows the story of racer and team manager Horst Saiger around the famous road race.


The rider tells us what it’s like to race in the Tourist Trophy with onboard lap and track details, how his team Saiger Racing prepares the Yamaha R1and R6 for racing and details from the practice and race week.

Moreover, we can see a brief history of the IOM TT and also the bike’s tech specs:

Yamaha R1 – Superbike class 

Power – 214 hp
Displacement – 999cc
Top speed – 330 kph
Weight – 174 kg
Fuel tank – 24-litres

Yamaha R1 – Superstock class 

Power – 202 hp
Displacement – 999cc
Top speed – 320 kph
Weight – 174 kg
Fuel tank – 24-litres

Yamaha R6 – Supersport class

Power – 138 hp
Displacement – 599cc
Top speed – 280 kph
Weight – 168 kg
Fuel tank – 22-litres

Screenshot_20200331 140731_YouTube

Screenshot_20200331 140746_YouTube

Screenshot_20200331 140754_YouTube

Screenshot_20200331 141217_YouTube

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