Watch Dougie Lampkin Climbing a Roller Coaster VIDEO

Dougie Lampkin is that guy that managed to wheelie the whole Isle of Man TT Course (37.7 miles). He has won the Trial World Championship 12 times and also climbed up a waterfall. This time, he picked an abandoned theme park. 

He found it near Milan, and that old roller coster was scary enough to climb by foot. What about the training?

“In this case, I didn’t do any specific kind of training but I did need a bit to prepare for the roller coaster sequence. There’s no way an abandoned attraction that’s 22 metres high can’t worry you, but the team and I made it as safe as we could – even though the risk factor was extremely high, in every sense of the word!”, Dougie said. 

Let’s watch him in action. The video is below. 

Dougie Lampkin is a trials bike legend. He started his career in 1993 and he was inspired by his father Martin who was the first-ever trials world champion in 1975. He won his 12th individual world trials title in 2003.

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