Watch the Gold Wing History in 120 Seconds. 2017 Honda Gold Wing Teaser VIDEO

#What lies beyond? A brand-new Honda Gold Wing

Honda will unveil its new Gold Wing on 25.10.2017. At least, this is what the #whatliesbeyond teasing campaign suggests. Until then, there’s a short videos campaign announcing the event. 

The last video shows us the Honda Gold Wing History since 1975 when the first Goldwing was launched. You can watch it below. 

“43 years and millions of miles later, we can’t stop wondering what lies beyond”, Honda says. Well, we’re pretty sure it’s the 2018 Honda Gold Wing. Some leaked photos were already published on the internet. By analyzing the pictures, we can observe the same flat-six engine but a different suspension, an updated design, and a new cockpit.

2018 Honda Gold Wing leak 10 8407

2018 Honda Gold Wing leak 07 9091

2018 Honda Gold Wing leak 04 8800

2018 Honda Gold Wing leak 02 9170

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