Watch This Guy Doing Trial-Freestyle Magic in an Underground Construction Site VIDEO

His name is Julien Dupont, and he travels the world looking for great places to spin its trial wheels

Julien Dupont’s latest freestyle trip is set in Bucharest, Romania. The rider rocks a subway construction site in the middle of the night, jumping over a 8 meters hole. 

Julz Dupont is a motorcycle one-man-show who mixes the parkour philosophy with trial freestyle. According to him, there’s no obstacle that he can't pass. If you google him, you can find titles such as “Julien Dupont turned the Montana Rusa into his own circuit,” “Julien Dupont rides a motorbike into a volcano,” “Julien Dupont brings French freestyle to Favelas,” “Julien Dupont vs. Millennium Bridge”, etc. 

Now let’s watch his latest freestyle adventure below. 

Photo credit: Mihai Stetcu / Red Bull Content Pool

MS_Julien Dupont Metro_3

MS_Julien Dupont Metro_4

MS_Julien Dupont Metro

MS_Julien Dupont Metro_2

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