What About an Electric Adventure Motorcycle? Zero Black Forest

What about an electric adventure motorcycle? Zero Black Forest 1

Before trading your GS for it, there are some details you should know

Zero introduced the DSR Black Forest Edition – an electric adventure-touring bike built for the European customers. It’s a DSR with some crash-bars, hard cases and a high screen that should become the electric alternative to adventure-travel bikes, very popular in Europe. 

The Range – Zero claims a 163 miles (262 km) at “city speeds” and 78 miles (125 km) “when on the highway”. It might seem enough for a day-ride in Europe, but you might have some problems when traveling to Mongolia – no “Level II charging stations popular in Europe” over there. Otherwise, Zero says that “the new charging tech quickly replenishes the battery at up to 94 miles of range for every hour plugged in. This combination of longer range and faster charging is what makes electric touring possible.“

The Zero Motorcycles DSR Black Forest Edition delivers an impressive 146 Nm of stealthy torque, more than a big R1200GS (125 NM). 

The weight – we didn’t manage to find the figure, but the standard DSR has 210 kg. So this one should be heavier – let’s say 230. 


The Black Forest Edtion is equipped with:

Charge Tank (optional)
Black aluminum top and side panniers
Touring windscreen
Touring seat
Dual sport drop bars
LED auxiliary lights (for off-road use only)
Head light protector (for off-road use only)

“The Zero Motorcycles DSR ZF14.4 Black Forest Edition is the first model we’ve ever developed to meet the specific demands of Europe’s adventure and touring riders,” said Zero Motorcycles. 

European Managing Director Umberto Uccelli. “Our customers have been asking for a model like this for years. Riding a Zero is the most connected way to move through nature. The Zero Motorcycles DSR Black Forest extends this to new, longer, and more fun adventures. We invite you to experience your world for the first time with seamless, silent and pure dual sport propulsion.”

The Zero Motorcycles DSR Black Forest Edition can be seen at select dealers starting in April. Availability will be limited. Nothing about the price yet. 




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