Wild Electric Motorcycle Comes With 1000Nm at an Affordable Price

Wild Electric Motorcycle Comes with 1000Nm at an Affordable Price 1

New name, lots of torque and the production version is ready to hit the streets

Verge Motorcycles is a Finnish company which doesn’t take no for an answer. Take their latest model – Verge TS which is an electric motorcycle fitted with a 107hp (80 kW) powerplant delivering 1000Nm (735 lb-ft) of torque. It has a hubless rear wheel and that’s something we don’t see in the motorcycle industry and the starting price is set from ‎€24,990 ($27,000).  


Formerly known as RMK E2 electric motorcycle, the Finland brand showcased the bike back in 2018. From that point on the development process began to transform the concept into a production machine. The prototype was presented at the Motorcycle Show in Helsinki and EICMA in Milan one year later. After some test at the Alastaro Racing Circuit, the Verge TS electric motorcycle was born. The production version we see in the photos.


Verge Motorcycles didn’t change many aspects of the original concept and what we end up is an electric motorcycle featuring a hubless rear wheel. The bridge frame comes with wide top sections and angular bottom sections and is made of aluminium.


The power unit

The original RMK E2 was fitted with an electric motor delivering 67hp (50 kW) and 320Nm (236 lb-ft) of maximum torque. The power was not outstanding if we look at modern superbikes like the Ducati Panigale V4 which makes 214hp (160kW) and 124Nm (91 lb-ft) of torque without the racing Akrapovic exhaust. But Verge had other plans for the TS model. So, they fitted a 107 hp (80 kW) power-unit making..wait for it..1000Nm (735 lb-ft) of torque. Yes! That’s a hypercar figure of torque. For example, a Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, their latest model, delivers 1,600 Nm (1,180 lb-ft). So, compared to performance bikes even the supercharged track only Kawasaki H2R (326hp and 165 Nm / 243kW and 122 lb-ft), the Verge TS is in a different league when it comes to torque figures.


This helps the electric motorcycle sprint from 0 to 100 kph (0-62 mph) in less than four seconds and a limited top speed of 180 kph (112 mph).

Moreover, the manufacturer used an unconventional method to fit the engine onto the electric motorcycle. It sits as a ring in the rear wheel which comes along without a hub. The electric motor also takes over the braking work on the hindquarters.


There are no details regarding the battery except a claimed range of 200 km (125 miles) on the highway and 300 km (190 miles) in the city with one battery charge. The charging time is four hours and can drop to 45 to 50 minutes using a DC fast-charging system. Verge Motorcycles also announced they will offer an option to fit a larger battery on the TS without exceeding too much the overall weight of the electric motorcycle.



Other features include a conventional Öhlins upside-down fork, double disc brake system, Pirelli tires while the rear swingarm is supported centrally on the frame according to the cantilever principle.

The price

One might expect that all these features and torque figures cost a fortune, but not necessarily. The price for a Verge TS starts from ‎€24,990 ($27,000) and it’s available for pre-order with a reservation fee of €2,000 ($2,170). The production has started this month and we could see the first TS models on the streets soon.




You can see a full photo gallery by clicking on the main picture





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