World War I Motorcycles in the Russian Empire – Iconic Photos

Ever wondered what motorcycles did the Russians ride 100 years ago?

Russians didn’t have any motorcycle factory a century ago. But that didn’t mean they were using only bicycles. In fact, there were riding a lot of American motorcycles those times. As they were used by the army, Indian and Harley-Davidson badges were common during World War I. 

The guys at englishrussia did a great thing collecting some Iconic photos of those times. Here are some of them. You can find the rest on englishrussia website. 

39th Infantry Regiment of Tomsk   1914   1916

39th Infantry Regiment of Tomsk – 1914 – 1916

Eastern Celebration

Eastern Celebration 1914-1916 

Shooting at the enemy

Shooting at the enemy

Russian Motorcycle 2

Ready to rock

Russian Winter Gear

Winter-Equipped Norton Motorcycle

Russian Motorcycle Gun

Russian Imperial Army – 1916

1916 Postcard

1916 Postcard

Russian Harley Davidson Sidecar

Sidecar Harley-Davidson – 1910s

Follow the source for another vintage photos. 


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