WWII Fighter Aircraft Looking Electric Bike

It features a 6061 aluminium bodywork and the donor machine costs less than an iPhone11

Katalis is a company based in Jakarta, Indonesia and they had the idea to transform a Selis Garuda electric motorcycle into a machine resembling a World War II Fighter. Meet the Katalis EV.500. The bodywork was reworked while some components were borrowed from Honda models. 


Julian Palapa, the man behind this custom bike, started to work on this project using a Selis Garuda which is an electric scooter fitted with a 500W power unit. It’s fitted with a 48-volt & 12 Ah battery good enough for a range of 40 kilometres or 25 miles. Top speed is set at 25mph. Not bad for a donor machine costing $650 which is less than an iPhone11.

The main target for Katalis was to build an eco-friendly urban machine to ride through the congested streets of Indonesia’s capital rather than a performance electric motorcycle.

katalis ev 500 motorcycle designboom 001 

The frame and swingarm were replaced with components made from 6061 aluminium while the bodywork was inspired by a WWII Fighter Aircraft. The fairings design is also manufactured from 6061 aluminium.

katalis ev 500 motorcycle designboom 009

We think it is quite rare to have an electric motorcycle design with a metal body or ‘shield’,” Julian says. 

Moreover, to complete the project, Palapa received help from local customizer and paint shop Frontwheel, and the race team Garuda Motorsports. The Katalis EV.500 features a custom-made aluminium triple tree, new aluminium wheels while the rear shock was replaced with a Honda unit.

katalis ev 500 motorcycle designboom 003

katalis ev 500 motorcycle designboom 002

The electric motorcycle should have been unveiled at the Indonesia International Motorshow in April, but unfortunately, the event was cancelled. So, the EV.500 was put on display online. Katalis will build a limited number of units and will offer an option to upgrade the power unit to a 1000W.

katalis ev500

katalis ev 500 motorcycle designboom 008

katalis ev 500 motorcycle designboom 004

katalis ev 500 motorcycle designboom 005

katalis ev 500 motorcycle designboom 006

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