WWII-Inspired Vintage Electric Scrambler S

WWII-inspired Vintage Electric Scrambler S 1

Vintage Electric reveals WWII-inspired Scrambler S, an electric bicycle that evokes the motorcycles of yore

With so many pedelecs being manufactured and sold each month, coming up with truly interesting designs that turn heads has become a rather hard task. Even so, it looks like there is still a lot of space to be filled with neat machines that pack both looks and brawn. And Vintage Electric’s new Scrambler S is the perfect proof.

Vintage Electric used the WWII-era motorcycles as a source of inspiration for the lines of their Scrambler S, and the result speaks for itself. The arched main tube flows seamlessly from the round, yellow-lens headlight while hugging the center-mounted battery. With a generous bezel, the headlight also got a wire grille that makes it look even more retro while adding protection against flying debris.

Vintage Electric Scrambler S_01

The main design element is, undoubtedly, the massive battery pack that mocks the V-twin motorcycle engine shape. The pack itself is triangular, but brushed aluminum accents and the V letter on the sides make a gorgeous styling statement. Inside the case, the Scrambler S has the controller and a massive 1.12 kWh battery that can power this bike for up to 120 km (75 miles) at a speed of 32km/h (20 mph), way better figures than what we’re used to in this segment.


However, the top speed of the Vintage Electric Scrambler S is even higher, albeit illegal in certain places around the world. In Race Mode, this two-wheeler can do 58 km/h (26 mph), so you’d better watch out! The fork is a hydraulic unit, while the front brakes use a large rotor for firm stopping power. The rear hub motor packs a whopping 3 kW power rating, and also comes with powerful regenerative braking. For a better picture, cue left handlebar LCD instrumentation, Kevlar-reinforced Schwalbe tires, genuine leather grips and seat and a hydroformed aluminum frame that’s worthy of a real motorcycle, too.

Vintage Electric also has a lot of neat optional accessories for the Scrambler S, such as a luggage rack, saddlebags, locks, toolbox and more. 
The base price is way different from what we’re used to paying for an electric bike and reflects the outlaw Race Mode character.

Vintage Electric Scrambler S_02

The Vintage Electric Scrambler S retails for a steep $7.000, and that’s without the Race Mode option, which sets you back some extra $150, while the racks AND saddlebags ($580) are almost what you fork out on middle range motorcycle accessories.

If American-made is one of the tags you’re after, and you don’t mind spending money that could get you a proper middleweight motorcycle, then Vintage Electric Scrambler S might be the right choice. We’re still thinking…


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