X-Lite X-903 Top-Drawer Helmet Brings a Magnetic Visor

X-Lite reveals top-of-the-line X-903 composite fiber full-face lid

If changing helmet visors is a chore, you should definitely give X-Lite X-903 a try, as it brings magnetic visors.

X-lite introduces a brand new lid that belongs to the maker’s upper tier. Enter X-903, a composite fiber full-face helmet that aims to raise the bar in wearing comfort and safety. X-903 comes with a composite outer shell made from carbon, Kevlar and fiberglass, touted to have been “developed from a completely renewed approach in concept, design, and manufacturing”.

Shells come in three sizes that accommodate XS-M, L and XL-XXL heads, doubled by a “Carbon Fitting Racing Experience comfort padding with net construction”, a comfort liner that’s supposed to offer premium comfort even during very long hauls. The head pad liner is also adjustable for optimal comfort, X-lite says.

One of the key characteristics of the all-new X-903 is the Magnetic Visor Assembly mechanism that makes swapping visors even easier than it already was, also with no tools needed. The Lexan visor itself was widened and offers a better viewing angle making shoulder checks less fatiguing, and it received a new fog and scratch resitant coating besides the silicon sealed Pinlock insert.

Not only are the cheek pad removable and washable, but they are also part of the Nolan Emergency Release System (NERS) quick-release feature that provides emergency responders with extra safe options in case of a crash.

The X-lite X-903 also comes with a breath deflector and is ready for Nolan Ncom (B901X and B601X) intercoms. Of course, this lid is DOT and ECE approved. The pricetag reads a nickel under $500, and the only colors available at the time of writing are black and white, keeping things nice and simple.

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