Yamaha MT-07 – Exhaust Shortlist. Audiophiles Only

Yamaha MT-07 - Exhaust Shortlist. Audiophiles Only 1

Spice up your “Ray Of Darkness” with a full of character sound

The sound of a twin is always a music therapy, but the emission regulations are killing the fun. Luckily there’s always an option that will unleash the power and enhance the looks. Here’s our list of the aftermarket exhaust for your MT-07. Since we’re talking about an investment, we went only for full exhaust systems.

A full exhaust system is supposed to be lesser emission friendly, so this makes the engine evacuate the gases quicker. It translates in better throttle response, better acceleration, sleek looks, and weight loss. Your bike will thank you for this upgrade.

Akrapovic – the original

Yamaha can provide the full exhaust system with titanium muffler. Akrapovic is the market leader when it comes to exhaust systems, at it comes with the "MT-07" badge laser engraved on the muffler. It's made out of exotic materials like titanium and carbon fibre, so it can be yours for only… $1250.

akrapovic goes to the dark side with new yamaha mt 07 exhaust photo gallery_3


The all new line Y-Series from Yoshimura is available for MT-07. The full exhaust system from the Japanese exhaust manufacturer is cheap, light and sleek looking. Made out of stainless steel and with a carbon end cap it has a very clean finish. It costs $975, and it’s road legal.



The Italian manufacturer has a classic looking exhaust system that is claimed to add at least three horsepower to your engine. It costs around $700, and you can choose betweem a high mounted pipe with racing looks – the X-Kone exhaust –  and there the lower fitted version "Street Thunder" made out of carbon fibre.

s l500

Two Brothers Racing

Aesthetic, low mounted, with a specific heritage sound. This is how the American exhaust manufacturer describes the full system exhaust for MT-07. For $700 you can enjoy some magnesium end cap on your bike.

2015 YAM FZ07 S1R FS_side_1024x1024 2


The exotic lines from Termignoni are short, low mounted and feature a daring, up-pointing design. The Total Black version comes with a carbon fibre end cap, and is road legal only combined with the silencer. The price: around $800.



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