Yamaha MT-09 [FZ-09] Gets SW Motech Accessories

Yamaha MT-09 [FZ-09] gets SW Motech accessories 1

From luggage systems to centre stands and engine-guards, SW Motech unveiled a whole new range for the 2017 Yamaha MT-09 [FZ-09]. 

SW Motech just launched its new collection for the updated Yamaha MT-09. While the luggage options are the same on the old model, there are some new specific parts such as the engine covers designed with the new model in mind – although it might be possible to be also compatible with the old model. 

Here’s the official presentation video:

For those into touring, there is the €300, 75-90 Speedpack tailbag also available for the 2013 – on models or the 13-22 l tank bag which costs €99. With those two luggage systems you can go for mire than a weekend ride. 

SW Motech also offers different GPS mount kits, from €49 to €59, a €129 Kobra hand guard kit, €169 crashbars and €129 aluminum engine guards. 

More about the SW Motech products on the official website.


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