Yamaha Star Venture. Better Than Harley-Davidson?

Yamaha Star Venture. Better than Harley-Davidson? 1

Yamaha: “the engine leaves the rest of the class in the dust.”

Yamaha Star Venture is the Japanese take on the transcontinental touring market. With a price tag between $25,000 and $27,000 (depending on the specs), it was revealed as a rival to Harley-Davidson’s bestseller touring machines.

It’s not such a surprise that this kind of bike was specially developed for the American market. More than that, we’re not sure about the European availability. Yamaha didn’t make any mention, but that air-cooled V-Twin may not respect the Euro 4 regulations. 

Star Venture features a 1,845 cc air-cooled V-twin developing 126 pound-feet of torque and “leaves the rest of the class in the dust”, according to Yamaha. 

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The Japanese manufacturer developed a new six-speed transmission which enables low rpm highway cruising – at 75 mph in 6th gear the Star Venture runs at 2750 revolutions. 

Yamaha Sure-Park System – a small electric motor controlled by the handlebar. It provides forward and reverse drive to handle tricky parking situations. 

Yamaha Star Venture also features some technologies borrowed from its more sports oriented relatives –  a ride by wire throttle providing two riding modes, a traction control system, a slip and assist clutch and, of course, the cruise control. 

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Like any respectable full-dress tourer, it features an infotainment system – a 7-inch full-color LCD controlled via touchscreen, handlebar controls or voice commands. 

The Star Venture features a 6.6-gallon fuel tank for generous range, easily reaching 200 miles between fuel stops, according to the manufacturer. 

Star Venture keeps both rider and passenger comfortable thanks to an array of heated contact points, including grips, rider seat, rider backrest, passenger seat and passenger backrest—all standard.

The wet weight: Star Venture – 957 lb. Star Venture Transcontinental – 963 lb.


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