Yard Built Yamaha XSR700 Outrun Is the Perfect Retro-SF Custom Bike

Yard Built Yamaha XSR700 Outrun is the perfect retro-SF custom bike 1

Portuguese Ton Up Garage delivers a stunning custom Yamaha XSR 700 build that oozes retro-SF attitude

The first time we laid eyes on the Outrun, we thought it was an exercise aimed at eliminating any curves from the design of a motorcycle. It may very well be so, and not exactly a surprise, especially as we learned that this custom Yamaha comes from Portugal’s famed Ton Up Garage. We’ve seen so many radical bikes from Pedro and Daniel that we almost felt like such an apparition was simply bound to become reality.

The Outrun is a would-be part of Yamaha’s acclaimed Yard Built series, a project dedicated to some of the most creative bike builders in the world. The donor bike is an Yamaha XSR 700, but it is no longer recognizable under the edgy lines Ton Up Garage created.

Yamaha XSR 700 Yard Built Outrun 2 1024x683

If anything, this custom motorcycle could have easily been created back in the ‘80s, as it exudes the then-futuristic anticipation. The resemblance to the F-117 Nighthawk is impossible to miss, and frankly, we sort of fell in love with the uncanny shape of the bike’s fairing. Hard to tell if there’s any extra buffeting generated by all the edges, but we could definitely live with that, too.

The bike’s hull was assembled by multiple polygonal surfaces crafted from sheet aluminium welded together into a shell that looks both fascinating and aggressive. From the assertive front cowl with its striking lights and uncanny front fender, down to the belly pan and rear section, the Outrun looks razor-sharp. The lines of the ribbed seat follow the same philosophy, while the full, spokeless cast rims complement the picture quite nicely.

Yamaha XSR 700 Yard Built Outrun 4 1024x683

A big thumbs up for the custom stainless steel exhaust that sports the same angular design and minimalist profile. Ton up Garage went for a special exhaust port design made of multiple slash cut pipes.

It’s hard to tell if Yamaha will pick Ton Up’s design for mass production in the official Yard Built line-up, but we guess such a bike could be a neat addition to their custom range.

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Yamaha XSR 700 Yard Built Outrun 3 1024x683

Yamaha XSR 700 Yard Built Outrun 6 1024x683

Yamaha XSR 700 Yard Built Outrun 4 1024x683

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