Zero DSR Black Forest Now Available, Prices Revealed

Zero DSR Black Forest now available, prices revealed 1

Zero’s DSR Black Forest electric adventure bike is now available in Europe and we know the prices

Hailing all adventure riders looking for their first excuse to go electric: Zero’s DSR Black Forest is now available at European dealers, and we also found out the prices. Developed with massive inspiration from the strong European adventure and dual-sport culture, the Zero DSR Black Forest just adds a new level of versatility to a bike that was already thrilling. Boulevards and fire roads are now as one.

The Black Forest special edition retails for prices that start at 18,785 GBP in the UK, and as low as 21,610 Euro in Luxembourg. It comes ex-works with long-travel suspensions that can tackle both city bravado and forest trails, premium Givi luggage, a touring seat that looks just as stellar as it feels, crashbars, a touring windscreen and LED aux lights for offroad use.

But the good news just doesn’t stop here. Zero can throw in their amazing Charge Tank for an extra. The DSR Black Forest equipped from the factory with the Charge Tank costs £21,085 in the UK, while the similar Luxembourg price goes to € 24.260.

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The Charge Tank makes recharging the Zero DSR Black Forest a breeze, with speeds up to 6 times faster than what you get at home and adding 6 kWh to the bike’s capacity. Depending on the battery option, the Charge Tank can then refill your bike in as little as 1 hour. The Tank comes with a J1772 port compatible with all Level 2 220V charging stations and each hour of charging delivers 137 km of range. Adding a standard charger in parallel and you get 166 km of range per hour of charging!

The DSR Black Forest 262 km of city riding or 126 km of fast-paced highway rides, and this makes the best-case scenario having the riders paying around 1.12 Euro per 100 km, which is truly nice. As to the trail range, it varies greatly according to the riding style and the rider’s demand. However, with 69 hp, 146 Nm of torque and its dual-sport tires, the DSR Black Forest sounds like a lot of fun.

It’s probably a matter of deciding to pull the trigger on an electric motorcycle that’s still holding you back, but Zero starts looking more and more appealing.

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