BMW R1250GSA vs. Honda Africa Twin

BMW R1250GSA vs. Honda Africa Twin 1

BMW R1250GS Adventure and the new Honda CRF1100L, better known as the Africa Twin, in the Adventure Sports version. These are the most wanted big adventure bikes on the market. But which one is better?

The BMW R1250GS Adventure is featuring the classic boxer engine, but updated with the latest tech – the ShiftCam system. Now it produces more torque, more power and it’s more refined than ever. Top spec electronics, very comfortable ride, a real globetrotter – this is the BMW R1250GS Adventure.

BMW R1250GSA vs. Honda Africa Twin 2

On the other hand, Honda made a huge comeback in the adventure motorcycling scene with the CRF1000L Africa Twin. After some years of great success and after listening the motorcycling community feedback, Honda changed almost everything and came with the CRF1100L Africa Twin. New electronics, new engine, more refined gearbox, new suspension, cruise control, tubeless tires on the Adventure Sports version, everything you might wish for.

We put some knobby tires on both bikes and we took them to almost every surface possible. Trails, gravel roads, highway, curvy roads with smooth asphalt. Here’s our BMW R1250GS Adventure vs. Honda Africa Twin in-depth review. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more. 

2 thoughts on “BMW R1250GSA vs. Honda Africa Twin

  1. Hi there, you have been bought by nazi money this time no doubt as opposed to in 2017. BMW was developed by nazis. The bmw is much to heavy and bulky and without a 21″ front wheel to even enter this competition. The 800 gs is the only one that can. The 1200 GS is a road bike and should be compared to others of the same category. Corrupted eastern europeans will not be listened to.

    1. Great Review, you all are a bunch of clowns, very entertaining at times, but very educational. I liked many of your discussions, especially the Africa wind issues, great tip, and the possible negative Africa seat discussion is eye opening. Looks like you boys had a great time though.

      For the money and advantages, the Africa wins in my opinion.

      What would buy and why?

      Yo Michael, I hope you don’t buy Japanese or Chinese products either, both have horrendous war crimes histories.

      The Japanese never lost a war in 2,000 years, look up the 1910 to 1945 period/Japanese War crime list. Worse or equal to the Nazi’s. Hey, that is the past, get over it.

      The Germans are our friends vs many others who are not. Pick your battles, you and I cannot change the past, but may learn from the past as you know.

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