Green related bike articles
The all-electric sidecar Ural is the perfect proof that authentic retro design and modern tech can coexist beautifully
By Florin Tibu |
Japanese company Daga shows Stroke, a leaning electric assist trike engineered for hauling cargo, kids, pets and whatnot
By Florin Tibu |
Harley-Davidson reveals the first official photos of LiveWire, their seminal electric motorcycle, but refrain from sharing any tech details with the world
By Florin Tibu |
Ultraviolette Concept
Indian motorcycle giant TVS backs Ultraviolette, an independent startup that promises they’re coming up with an electric roadster by the end of 2019
By Florin Tibu |
M55 Terminus Electric Bike
The world of electric bicycles is about to adopt its first range standard, taking a crucial step for consolidating this booming industry
By Florin Tibu |
CSC Motorcycles reveal City Slicker, an electric commuter that can do 70 km/h, has a maximum range of 100 km and costs an incredible $1,995. Dreams come true?...
By Florin Tibu |
honda panasonic
Honda and Panasonic shake hands in an experiment aimed at introducing a new standard for easily exchangeable batteries, possibly introducing yet another battery sharing service
By Florin Tibu |
E-bike giants Shimano and Brose update their mid-mount motors, reduce weight and size, aim for a wider adoption of electric-assist bicycles in both the MTB and recreational segments
By Florin Tibu |
Optibike R15C is a carbon fiber electric bike masterpiece; costs a small fortune, but it boasts to-die-for specs, and we love it
By Florin Tibu |
Kymco plans to expand their worldwide electric operations by delivering the first universal swappable battery standard ever, a move other manufacturers could benefit from, too
By Florin Tibu |
Elon Musk
Royal Enfield readies for the future, stars working on an electric bike platform. Elon Musk says there will not be a Tesla electric motorcycle in the foreseeable future.
By Florin Tibu |
onyx mopeds
Frisco-based Onyx Motorbikes reveals two pedelec projects that look both amazing and luxurious, and the top version can do a whopping 60 mph; both projects already overfunded
By Florin Tibu |
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